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Chocolate and Banana Muffins – no (refined) sugar added!

Post Update 18.06.2015: This is the first recipe I’ve re-photographed since the Food Photography and Food Styling Workshop I went to. I’m not 100% happy with the new photo either (I blame the weather!) but it’s way better than the previous one! To add to prettiness I added some nice glossy icing 😀

I’ve been thinking about a Food Revolution Day recipe for a while but that’s normally how it ends up, the more I try push myself for ideas the more my creativity goes down the drain.

On the bright side I’ve been baking quite a lot and now looking at photos from the last couple of weeks I discovered that I had just the thing. These banana and chocolate muffins are nice and moist, delicious, easy, quick and – don’t keep your hopes up – there won’t be any left for breakfast on the next day. Little people just love them (whether this is a good feature or not you tell me!).

And the best thing of all is….. they are guilt-free and with no (refined) sugar added (I’d rather be careful here with the no sugar added label as these muffins do have one tablespoon of honey in them)!



2 eggs

110 gr sunflower oil

125 gr buttermilk

1 tbsp honey

1 handful of sultanas, roughly chopped

250 gr spelt flour

120 gr good quality dark chocolate, chopped in little cubes

2 bananas (300 gr with peel), chopped in little cubes

9 gr baking powder

For the icing (these quantities are for the icing for 4 muffins)

50 gr quark

25 gr buttermilk

1 tsp cocoa powder

1 heaped tsp honey

cocoa nibs

banana chips

Beat the eggs and add the oil, beat more until well combined.

Add the remaining ingredients in the same order of the list, making sure the mixture is lump-free. Pour the mixture into a muffin tray or patty pans (I got 12 muffins out of these quantities) and bake at 180 degrees C for about 20 minutes – don’t forget the skewer test! Take out of the oven and let them cool.

Mix the quark, buttermilk, honey and cocoa powder in a bowl until you get a nice and glossy mixture. Place some on the muffins and decorate with cocoa nibs and banana chips. Yum!


Food Revolution Day is tomorrow (15.05.2015) and I have signed the petition, have you?

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